Snow Forecast, Weather Maps & Snow Reports for 3200 ski resorts

updated four times daily using accurate mountain weather models. Snow-Forecast – the web's favourite weather forecast for skiing.
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weather forecast and snow reports for 3200 ski resorts
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Snow Forecast Mapswhere's the snow in the next 3 days?

Snow Forecast for 3200 ski resorts around the World, updated four times a day. Weather forecasts are provided for the top lift, bottom lift and mid-mountain elevations. Our detailed Snow Reports and live updates are submitted by local Ski Clubs, ski resort staff and our users. Interactive weather maps show the amount of predicted snowfall as well as the current snow conditions and weather observations. The snow maps also show where the best piste conditions, off-piste powder and forecast weather for skiing and snowboarding can be found.

This map shows the accumulated snow forecast for the next 3 days. Click the image to view the interactive snow forecast map, or see a worldwide overview of all our maps that cover ski resorts for the Rest of the World.

Accumulated snow forecast for the next 3 days.
United States Snow Forecast
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Country ski resort overviews

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Latest Snow News

Latest worldwide snow report

UPDATED 6 JANUARY 2021 Cold is perhaps the keyword to describe conditions in Europe this past week and indeed forecast around most areas for the week ahead. It is still early January and therefore, the darkest part of winter. You'd like to think that's how it would and should be, but the warm weather which has impacted much of the continent at times through the autumn and much of December makes you doubt it will get cold enough.....

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Current ski resort picks

Long range skiing weather forecasts for daily picks of our top 5 Resorts are FREE to non members! Find the deepest snow, the snowiest forecasts and the ski resorts reporting powder conditions to make the most of planning your winter sports holiday.

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